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Russell Eck

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Luck Wont Save You History

Luck Wont Save You, often abbreviated as LWSY, is an American progressive metal, death metal, and deathcore band from Reno, Nevada. The band currently consists of Russell Eck (vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, writer and composer) and Jared Klein (drums, backing vocals). Formed in 2008 by Russell Eck (lead vocals, keyboards), Jared Klein (drums, backing vocals), and Alex King (guitar) after disbanding their previous project, Midnight Veil. Two additional members, David Seeley (bass) and Keegan Ferrari (guitar) joined the project shortly after.

They released an initial, self-produced, three-track demo in early 2009, a seven-track EP The Way Of The World in August 2009, and released their debut LP album Waiting… The Anticipation Game in August 2010. After their full-length release in 2010, the band was disbanded but was later reformed in June 2014 with Russell Eck and Jared Klein. The band was reformed as a two-person duo that does not perform live shows, but instead writes and self-produces yearly EP’s/LP’s that are distributed for free purchase on the internet.

Formation and The Way Of The World album (2008-2009)

The band was formed in 2008 in Reno, Nevada after the demise of the 3 piece metalcore band, Midnight Veil, of which Russell Eck, Jared Klein, and Alex King were members. New material was created with a focus shift toward death metal and deathcore influences. Material from the previous band was also reworked along with the creation of new tonal shifts. The first three-song demo was written and self-produced, and recorded in early 2009, which included the tracks “So Meaningless”, “How Our World Is Destroyed”, and “These Dead Stars”.

The project started as a three-piece with Russell Eck on guitar, Alex King on guitar, and Jared Klein on drums. After unsuccessfully finding a vocalist, Russell Eck transitioned to the vocalist position. Shortly after David Seeley was brought in on bass, and eventually Keegan Ferrari on guitar. Initially, the project was going to focus on a straightforward 5 piece band setup but shifted to include keys and piano as a main focus and feature of the band’s sound. Russell Eck took up the role of vocalist and keys.

The band self-produced their first seven-track EP, “The Way Of The World” and recorded it at Mayhemeness Studios in Sacramento, California, from July 10th, 2009, to July 16th, 2009. The album was mixed and mastered by Robert Swanson. The songs were written and composed by Russell Eck. The album artwork was done by Bryan Walker, and the album layout and design were done by Matt Carrea. A limited run of physical copies was pressed and released locally.

Waiting… The Anticipation Game album and breakup (2009-2010)

After the production and promotion of their first EP, “The Way Of The World”, the band shifted on lead guitar. Aaron Hall was brought into the band to do lead guitar and backing vocals in the replacement of Keegan Ferrari.

The band self-produced their eight track LP, “Waiting… The Anticipation Game” and recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios in Fremont, California, from August 7th, 2010, to August 12th, 2010. The album was mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren. The songs were written and composed by Russell Eck, with guitar solos written by Aaron Hall. The album artwork and layout were designed and created by Russell Eck. The initial LP was slated to be a ten-track album that included an interlude and a re-recording of “These Dead Stars”, but ultimately budget issues prevented this from coming to fruition. 200 physical copies of this album were pressed and sold locally and via online orders.

Band Revival (2014-Present)

The band was reformed in June 2014 with Russell Eck and Jared Klein. The idea was to continue creating Luck Wont Save You albums for the love of the music. This would be achieved by creating albums and allowing them to be distributed digitally for free for all to enjoy. Since the revival, the duo has created four new original EP’s and a re-recording and re-imagining of the old full-length LP Waiting… The Anticipation Game with four new additional tracks.

New Full Length Album Through the Mountains of Melancholia (2024)

A new album has been in the works for the last two years and is slated to be released sometime in 2024. This album is an entirely new standard for Luck Wont Save You. The focus has shifted to a hundred percent progressive style with an emphasis on different styles of guitar riffs. We greatly look forward to sharing this new creation with everyone.