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Luck Wont Save You, often abbreviated as LWSY, is an American progressive metal, death metal, and deathcore band from Reno, Nevada. The band gained ground locally in Reno, Nevada but was disbanded shortly after releasing a full-length album in 2010. The band was reformed in 2013 with the original writer, keyboardist, and vocalist Russell Eck, and the original drummer Jared Klein. The band releases all of its music for free on Bandcamp on the release date and will continue to do so in the future. Check out the About page to learn about Luck Wont Save You’s history.

Jared Klein continues to excel in the metal community as a prolific drummer. Jared Klein is best known for his work with the internationally acclaimed progressive death metal act Rivers of Nihil. Jared also drums for the experimental death metal band Flub and the Seinfeld-themed band Grindfeld. Russell Eck and Jared Klein are both available for studio session work. You can find Jared’s official website at JKleinDrums.

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